“Switched-on SRS” stem kit series inspired by Wendy Carlos

I put together this video documenting the creation of Sample Replay Society’s new stem kit series, “Switched-on SRS,” curated by G Koop & O-man and inspired by the legendary Wendy Carlos.

We deconstructed and painstakingly (and respectfully) re-constructed 3 Bach preludes and one Fugue at G Koop’s incredible studio “Fuzz Deluxxe” in Oakland, CA, utilizing his impressive collection of vintage gear and synthesizers.  The multi-track recording sessions are made available, royalty-free, to producers in need of samples for music-making.

Here are the four beats Koop made to demonstrate the versatility of Bach’s mastery in a hip-hop context (all from the Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1):

F#minor Prelude
Cminor Prelude
Fminor Prelude
C#minor Fugue