Student Recordings #1

Logic SessionAlthough it may seem as though it is just fun & games, recording a piece of music is actually a vital part of the creative process.  In order to get a quality recording, students must:

  • play accurately and in-time with a metronome
  • consider phrasing and volume
  • make orchestral decisions about instrument choices
  • repeat music over and over again until it is comfortable to record

In short, the recording process is a not only the end result of a dedicated practice schedule, it also mirrors the practice process.  I try to record my students once every month or so.  Here are five pieces that I thought were recorded and orchestrated particularly well.  More to follow as we continue our recordings.

Students ages in this recording series range from 7 to 12 years.

“Harmony Bird’s Song” by Graham Richards, recorded by Isaac Scears

(here is the sheet music, 3 different versions)

“Scarborough Fair” by Traditional, arranged by Faber, Piano Adventures level 3a
recorded by Iffy Nwebube

“Tropical Island” by Faber, Piano Adventures level 3b
recorded by Isabella Tokarz

“Luigi’s Mansion” by Shinobu Tanaka and Kazumi Totaka
recorded by Joe Stempien

“The Library” by Dennis Alexander and Martha Mier, Alfred’s Premiere Piano Course level 1b
recorded by Kirk Stempien