G Koop & O-man: The Clean Episodes (part I)

I enjoy sharing my musical tastes and talents with my students, but the world of hip hop can be gritty (to put it lightly).  As an artist (and a rational adult) I believe that censorship is a ridiculous concept and thus I do not ask our guest emcees and rappers to “watch their language.”  Nor do I “bleep” them in post-production.

Employing clever editing, I can often avoid gratuitous profanity in our videos, but I don’t lose sleep over foul language.  They’re just words, and I have never understood why some words are “bad”; in fact, some of the most disturbing diatribe spews forth in the floweriest and most righteous of language.

I understand that not everyone shares these views, and so I have always been hesitant to allow my younger students (and their parents) easy access to information about my alter ego “O-man” (short for “Omelette-man” due to my deep love of omelettes) from the beat-production web series G Koop & O-man.  I am proud to present the following episodes of G Koop & O-man, which have all been stamped as CLEAN (there may be a little innuendo from time to time, but nothing graphic):

Vol 1 – Coltraney

Vol 2 – Rolanda Rides the Emu

Vol 3 – In Memory of Flutie B

Vol 4 – C Over E

Vol 6 – Good Times

Vol 7 – Pit Boss

Vol 10 – Sans Recess

More posts to follow, I hope you enjoy this music.

Half of the season one story...

Free instrumental mixtape from GKOM season 1, no lyrics, music only

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