“Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes” – Paul Simon

Paul Simon’s “Graceland” is one of the albums I perform in its entirety from time-to-time.  This is one of my favorite songs performed on piano, melodica, voice, and foot-tambourine.

Recorded at the Legionnaire Saloon in Oakland, CA, where I perform every Tuesday and Thursday night from 6-9.


Graham Richards at the Legionnaire Saloon – “Andy’s”

I’ve taken up residence at the Legionnaire Saloon in Oakland, CA, 22nd & Telegraph.  Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6-9 pm I play all sorts of music from Bach to Beatles, Billie to Willie, Disney to D’angelo.  This is an Irish reel I learned from Michael Cooney’s album “Just Piping,” a fantastic album I recommend to anyone even remotely interested in Irish pipes.

“Switched-on SRS” stem kit series inspired by Wendy Carlos

I put together this video documenting the creation of Sample Replay Society’s new stem kit series, “Switched-on SRS,” curated by G Koop & O-man and inspired by the legendary Wendy Carlos.

We deconstructed and painstakingly (and respectfully) re-constructed 3 Bach preludes and one Fugue at G Koop’s incredible studio “Fuzz Deluxxe” in Oakland, CA, utilizing his impressive collection of vintage gear and synthesizers.  The multi-track recording sessions are made available, royalty-free, to producers in need of samples for music-making.

Here are the four beats Koop made to demonstrate the versatility of Bach’s mastery in a hip-hop context (all from the Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1):

F#minor Prelude
Cminor Prelude
Fminor Prelude
C#minor Fugue

“Indian Summer” Bay Area release dates and Live PDX Jazz Festival download

In preparation for our upcoming Bay Area debut of Indian Summer, please enjoy this free set of Richards / Duval from the Portland Jazz Festival, Feb 14, 2014


  1. IndianSummerReleaseCover1Introduction
  2. Halleluja (Richards)
  3. Indian Summer (Boxill)
  4. Hand Of Doom (Black Sabbath)
  5. Harmony Bird’s Song (Richards)
  6. Patsy (Richards)

Dan Duval will be joining me for two Bay Area shows:

Double Barrel Wine Bar, Livermore, CA
Thursday, April 24th, 7-10 pm
No cover, all ages

The Bistro, Hayward, CA
Saturday, April 26th, 8-11 pm
No cover, 21+

We will reimagine several tunes from our album Indian Summer.  In addition, we have several surprises in store…

Thought my students would enjoy this note-reading app demo

Notefighter is an app-in-progress that lets you ninja-kick your way to note-identification.  It is in its demo stages right now, but go take a look at http://www.notefighter.net

Bird Is The Worm reviews “Indian Summer”

Thank you to http://www.BirdIsTheWord.com for a glowing review of “Indian Summer.”

You can see the review here, and please follow @BirdIsTheWorm on Twitter.

PJCE Records Showcase for the PDX Jazz Festival

Much obliged to PJCE who helped me release my debut album with Dan Duval, then they featured me at the Portland Jazz Festival with some amazing musicians. I love having new friends in Portland.